Part of 5m$ Investment in Integrated Drug Discovery Capabilities

Greenwich, CT, November 30, 2016 - Aptuit, LLC today announced that it had successfully completed the expansion of their lead-like screening library. An additional 150,000 novel compounds have increased the Screening Collection to over 400,000. The new compounds were carefully selected to broaden the hit discovery capabilities of the company. This expansion, complemented by new robotics and compound management infrastructure, is part of an additional $5m investment in integrated discovery services.
The expanded collection provides enhanced chemical diversity and coverage of chemical space, compliance with lead-likeness criteria, improved physico-chemical properties, and optimal medicinal chemistry tractability. Expected benefits extend across a wide range of target classes and anticipated modes of action.

Dr Stephan Fasler, CEO of Aptuit (Switzerland) AG stated: “I am delighted by the additional investment. This further increases our ability to identify novel leads, and constitutes an industry leading solution for our BioPharma customers”.

Aptuit CEO Dr. Jonathan Goldman stated, “We continue to see strong demand for integrated discovery programs that result in high quality druggable candidates. Our additional investment in compounds and automation will ensure we create the best drug candidates whilst controlling costs. As the leading Partner Research Organization we continue to innovate in best in class integrated discovery and development”.