APTUIT ANNOUNCES 16M$ INVESTMENT IN CAPACITY AND CAPABILITYSignificant increase in headcount, new capabilities in discovery and incremental increase in capacity in CMC

Greenwich, CT, December 7th, 2015 -  Aptuit LLC announced it has commenced a growth program for 2016 to meet significant increase in demand from our customers in discovery, Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) and non-clinical development.

During 2016 Aptuit will hire an additional 90 scientists to its facilities in Oxford, UK and Verona, Italy, distributed across all areas. In addition there will be 16m$ of investment in facility upgrades and equipment to enhance our integrated development capabilities in the first of our aggressive expansion plans in our facilities.

Aptuit’s existing expertise in Drug Design & Discovery will be strengthened with additional capacity and targeted investments in Hit Identification solutions, Translational and Biomarkers capabilities and Late Lead Optimization strategies.

CMC will be strengthened with additional technologies in Clinical Manufacturing, in particular to its tableting and encapsulating; increasing the footprint and capabilities of its Formulation Development facilities to further expand Aptuit’s capability to successfully develop poorly soluble products; and specific investments in Quality Control and Material Sciences.

Dr. Goldman, Aptuit CEO, stated, “Customers have noted our unique capabilities in integrated discovery, integrated CMC and integrated development. We are delighted to leverage our core scientific expertise and respond to this increase in demand especially in discovery and various CMC disciplines”.  He continued, “Our growth program leads to a significant increase in capacity allowing us to deliver more high quality integrated CMC and help our customers increase their chances of successful IND filing. We will deliver these services from our fully integrated R and D facilities in Verona, Italy, and Oxford, UK.”
Dr. Goldman explained that Aptuit’s integrated discovery and CMC solutions, coupled with broad non-clinical capabilities, are unique in the marketplace. 
“Our company is experiencing significantly increased demand for scientific excellence and a unique ability to fully integrate discovery up to candidate nomination, from candidate to IND, and post IND CMC solutions.  We are delighted to respond by expanding capacity and capability”.
Dr. Goldman concluded, “We are focused on helping our customers discover, develop and produce drugs with very high quality, whilst minimizing operational risks. Our existing integrated discovery and CMC solutions remain best in class for scientific quality speed and cost”.