APPOINTMENT OF APTUIT AS A MEMBER OF EU-NETVALWe are very pleased to announce that Aptuit has been included into the select network of EU-NETVAL (European Union Network of Laboratories for the Validation of Alternative Methods) laboratories.

Acceptance to EU-NETVAL is restricted to laboratories experienced in advanced in vitro procedures, and can demonstrate test systems and measurement techniques which are considered important to address the aims and objectives identified in EURL ECVAM's strategies to achieve 3Rs impact in different areas of regulatory safety testing.

This selection is recognition of our scientists commitment to pursuing the goals of the 3Rs and of our continuing investment into our in vitro technologies and facilities.

EU-NETVAL's mission is to provide support for EURL ECVAM (European Union Reference Laboratory for alternatives to animal testing) validation studies that serve to assess the reliability and relevance of alternative methods that have a potential to replace, reduce, or refine the use of animals for scientific purposes.